Neubau der Sandesbrücke im Mühlendorf Gschnitz

Heavy rains at the end of August 2020 in the Gschnitztal attempted damage in the mill village of Gschnitz, which unfortunately also fell victim to the Sandesbrücke. This connects the orographic left side (all buildings such as the chapel, animal mill, grain mill, craft workshop, blacksmith shop, entrance building) with the orographic right side (kiosk with outdoor area, children's playground and main building). Since without this pedestrian bridge over the Sandesbach the continued existence of the mill village is endangered, a new building is to take place as part of this project.
Obmann Bgm. Felder Christian, MBA
Hnr. 131
Verein Lebendes Mühlendorf Gschnitz
03/2021 - 12/2021
19.928,40 €
craft , tourism , regional learning & investment structure