Schirmprojekt - Kleinprojekte Wipptal

A so-called umbrella of € 100,000.00 was set up for projects in Action Field 3 "Public Welfare Structures and Functions" as well as "Awareness Education on Nature and Environment". This means that several small projects (costs up to a maximum of € 10,000) can be implemented under this umbrella. Wipptal Regional Management takes over a large part of the administrative effort. Financing (pre-financing, own contribution) is coordinated individually with the beneficiaries for each project. If someone has an idea for a small project, you are very welcome to contact us, thank you!

Regionalmanagement Wipptal
Zieglstadl 32
Matrei am Brenner
Regionalmanagement Wipptal
07/2016 - 07/2019
100.000 €
public welfare / services , local supply , regional learning & investment structure