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The region "Schwaz-Achental” extends over the 14 municipalities Achenkirch, Buch in Tirol, Eben am Achensee, Gallzein, Jenbach, Pill, Schwaz, Stans, Steinberg am Rofan, Terfens, Vomp, Weer, Weerberg and Wiesing. According to their location in either the Inn valley or the Achen valley, the municipalities are clustered in the two separate planning associations Schwaz-Jenbach and surrounding (Inn valley), and Achen valley. Approximately 46,000 people live in the entire region, belonging to the political administrative district of Schwaz.

The area is characterised by two main valleys, the west-east running Inn valley, and the south-north oriented Achen valley. The valleys are confined by the mountain ranges Karwendel and Rofan. Most towns lie slightly elevated on either alluvial fans or glacial terraces, with the exception of the old town of Schwaz, which is located adjacent to the Inn.

Economically, the region has several sources of income. The area around the Achensee has a particularly strong all-year-tourism, whereas industrial and manufacturing businesses predominate in the Inn valley. Here, renowned companies, such as GE Jenbacher, Darbo, Tyrolit, Adler and EGLO create many Jobs.

The region is well connected to the motorway, running directly into Germany, Italy and Switzerland, also giving direct access to the provincial capital Innsbruck and its airport. All municipalities are linked to the public transport, either to train or bus. Two historical train lines also connect the Inn valley from Jenbach with the Achensee and the Ziller valley. 

Download:  Area Profile (German) with statistics of the year 2017.

Development policy

The Local Development Strategy 2018-2020 (German) provides the framework for the work of the Regional Management Department Schwaz-Achental.

Main features of the policy are:

  1. Aims and Targets

  2. Description of the area

  3. SWOT-Analysis

  4. Development needs of the Region

  5. Fields of Action

  6. Management and quality assurance

  7. Set-up and implementation structures

  8. Financing


    The development strategy consists of five fields of activities:


    Action field 1: Regional economy and jobs

    Action field 2: Natural resources and cultural heritage

    Action field 3: Public well-being

    Action field 4: Investment in growth, employment and education

    Action field 5: Trans-regional cooperation

News from the region

Hier finden Sie Videos und Geschichten zum anschauen und anhören.

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Waldtag Forchat 2019

Tolle Erlebnisse für 500 Schüler aus der Region im Forchat in Terfens und im Biotop der Firmen Lang und Derfeser

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Eröffnung "Café Talent"

Am 22. Mai 2019 fand die feierliche Eröffnung des Café Talents in Vomp statt. Das Tagescafé ist eine Kooperation der Marktgemeinde mit der Lebenshilfe

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Oma & Opa Frühstück

Im Rahmen des Freiwilligentags 2019 lud das Regionalmanagement Schwaz-Achental zum „Oma & Opa-Frühstück“ ein.

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Projekt Wunschoma gestartet

Unter dem Motto "Omas und Opas zum Ausleihen" startet eine neue Initiative in der Region Schwaz-Achental.

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Projekt Marijam am Bauernhof

Interkultureller Frauenausflug nach Steinberg am Rofan

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Von der Wunschomi, der Rolle der Frau auf dem Land bis hin zur Vermarktung heimischer Lebensmittel.

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Jetzt Projektanträge einreichen!

Das Projektauswahlgremium der Region Schwaz-Achental entscheidet ob und in welcher Höhe Projekte gefördert werden.

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Regionalmanagement Schwaz bringt über 250 Kinder in die Engalm.

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Start des Regionalmanagements

Neues Regionalmanagement für die Region Schwaz-Achental startet.

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