The Regional Management Osttirol (RMO) is a non-profit association based in Lienz. We are the starting point for people with regional projects who want to give lasting impulses through projects of the region. To this end, funds from the European Union are available from the European Agricultural Fund (EAFRD) and from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The area of ​​activity covers the district of Lienz and comprises the 3 planning associations:

Lienz and surrounding area (PV 36) with the municipalities  Lienz, Oberlienz, Ainet, Schlaiten, St. Johann i. W., Thurn, Gaimberg, Nußdorf-Debant, Iselsberg-Stronach, Dölsach, Nikolsdorf, Lavant, Tristach, Amlach, Leisach und Assling

Matrei and surrounding area  - Defereggen - Kals (PV 34) with the municipalities  Matrei i. O., Virgen, Prägraten, Kals, Hopfgarten i.D., St. Veit i.D., St. Jakob i.D. sowie

Sillian and surrounding area  - Villgraten - Tilliach (PV 35) with the municipalities  Sillian, Abfaltersbach, Anras, Außervillgraten, Heinfels, Innervillgraten, Kartitsch, Obertilliach, Strassen und Untertilliach.

The purpose of the association is to promote regional development and improve the infrastructure as well as the economic conditions in the district of Lienz.

Here you can find the overall financial plan of the Regionalmanagement Osttirol.

Fields of activity

Das Regionsmanagement Osttirol Bezirk hat einen umfassenden Aufgabenbereich.

The Regionsmanagement Osttirol handles with a range of tasks:

  • Implementation of the local development policy 2014-2020
    • Initiation of own projects Backing and support for Lead Partners
    • Project consultation and project management
    • Organisation of working groups
    • Realisation of information events 
  • Service provider for municipalities, planning associations and official departments 
  • Service provider for the social partners of the region


Bgm. Ing. Dietmar Ruggenthaler

Bgm. DI Elisabeth Greiderer

Mag. Anton Klocker


Boardmembers and their deputies:

PV 34: Dr. Andreas Köll / Franz Hopfgartner

PV 35: Ing. Matthias Scherer / Mag. Josef Mair

PV 36: Josef Mair / Ing. Reinhold Kollnig

AMS (Job center): Doris Batkowski / Otto Plattner

Stadt Lienz (Municipality of Lienz): DI Elisabeth Blanik / Siegfried Schatz

Climate / Energy: Ing. Dietmar Ruggenthaler / Anna Holzer

Chamber of Agriculture: DI Martin Diemling / Ing. Oliver Lassnig

Tourism: Franz Theurl / Theresia Rainer

Chamber of Economy: Mag. Reinhard Lobenwein / Michael Aichner

Chamber of Labour: Mag. Wilfried Kollreider / Mag. Daniel Hainzer

Banks: Mag. Anton Klocker / Mag. Hans Jörg Mattersberger

Family & Youth in rural areas: Michaela Pitterl / Natalie Steiner

Education  & Social affairs: Dr. Gabriele Lehner / Anita Klocker

Woman’s affairs: Elisabeth Greiderer / Michaela Ausserdorfer


Co-opted members:

OIG: Mag. Karl Poppeller

NP Hohe Tauern: DI Hermann Stotter



The LEADER-CLLD Project decision committee corresponds to the board of the association.



Vice chairman