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The LEADER-region Kufstein and Umgebung - Untere Schranne - Kaiserwinkl is located in the north of Tyrol, at the border to Bayern. In 2015 the region had 47.028 inhabitants. It reaches more than 434,96 km². About 11,9% is settlement area and about the same area is conservation area, which is composed of the Kaisergebirge, the Kufsteiner and Langkampfener Innauen and the Schwemm in Walchsee, as well as the famous Kaisertal.

The Innvalley is a extremly relevent area for Tyrols industry. Between Langkampfen and Kufstein prestigious production companies like Viking, Sandoz and Riedelglas as well as important service and leisure-time institutions of the region found their home.


Here you find the regionprofile of our area KUUSK.



Development Policy

The local development strategy 2014-2020 provides the framework for the activities of the regional management KUUSK.

The local development policy 2014-2020 was drafted with the help of the local population. Moreover, it was very important to include important players from various branches, like tourism, agriculture, education, social care and economy in the whole process. 

Main features of the policy are:

  • Description of the region
  • A comment on the development needs of the region
  • Sphere of activities  (main point of the strategy)
  • Quality management and control system
  • Structure of the LAG
  • Financing

A major influence on the day-to-day work have the spheres of activities. These spheres describe how the region can and should be positively influenced in the upcoming years. They also have a direct impact on the projects, as projects can only be benefited via the LEADER-program if they contribute to the local development policy.

The spheres:

  • Sphere 1: Regionality, regional products and tourism are key issues in this sphere. 
  • Sphere 2: This sphere is concerned with the preservation of the local cultural heritage as well as natural heritage. Awareness raising activities serve as the main tools in this sphere.
  • Sphere 3: Improving the quality of living is the keyword in this sphere. This includes measures like providing a good network for new ideas and implementing new common good projects.
  • Sphere IWB: IWB (Investment in Growth and Employment) is a special funding programme concerned with three main areas: 
    • Research, development and innovation
    • Competitiveness of SME
    • Transition towards a low carbon economy 

Here you can get additional information concerning the spheres of activities!

Area News

Zur Halbzeit der Förderperiode zieht die LEADERregion KUUSK eine durchaus positive Bilanz.

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Wie können Betriebe in Zukunft den Herausforderungen des demografischen Wandels begegnen? Um diese und ähnliche Fragen geht es am 14.11. in Kufstein!

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"Arbeitsmarktintegration jugendlicher Flüchtlinge" - dieses Thema wurde in der LEADERregion KUUSK angepackt

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Europäisches LEADER-Netzwerktreffen in Luxemburg

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Vom 29. bis 30.03 findet das erste Austauschtreffen der teilnehmenden LEADER-Regionen in St. Johann in Tirol statt.

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Am 17. März fand der diesjährige Freiwilligentag in Tirol statt.

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Masterplan "Ländlicher Raum"

Am 21. Februar wurde gemeinsam mit Vertretern der Politik, der Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft über die Themen des ländlichen Raums gesprochen. Die...

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Vom 27.09. bis 29.09.2016 wurde, wie jedes Jahr, die LINC Conference veranstaltet - dieses Mal kamen die Leader-Regionen von 15 europäischen Nationen...

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Folder KUUSK

Fortschritt kennt keine Grenzen!

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Map of the region of KUUSK

Here you can find a detailed map of the region.