WANAKU – Wald Natur Kultur

Each season offers various conditions and beautiful opportunities to make a trip into nature with school classes. The Wildschönau - and in particular Thierbach - would like to focus on the topic 

of forest in order to deepen the interest and knowledge in the forest and nature for children, young people and families. The concept of the Waldschule is a form of natural pedagogy and, 

through practical experience and learning, makes ecological and social connections in nature and forest. The forest educational events are designed to help the participants (children) to 

develop their first positive relationships with the forest.

Regionalmanagement Kitzbühler Alpen
Meierhofgasse 9
Verein WANAKU - Wald, Natur, Kultur
05/2017 – 04/2018
24.285 €
regional learning & investment structure