Themenweg Rietz Konzept

Rietz is an important pilgrimage destination and a family-friendly municipality. The municipality offers a wide range of recreational activities around the famous pilgrimage destination. In order to combine the recreational and the cultural activities the municipality wants to realise a set of theme trails. The theme trails should include the important historical and cultural facts of the pilgrimage destination and should also inform about the various natural treasures in and around the municipality. At the moment there are ideas for four theme trails:

  • Theme Trail “Kalvarienberg” (pilgrimage destination)
  • Theme Trail “Wildlife”
  • Theme Trail “Trees”
  • Theme Trail “Mobility and Fitness”

To combine all those theme trails the municipality wants a coherent design and story as well as a mutual starting point. The project funds the conception of these trails. In a follow-up project the trails will be realised. 

Gemeinde Rietz
Kluibenschedlstraße 7
Gemeinde Rietz
12/2019 - 07/2020
11.880,00 €
culture , tourism