Betriebe im Klimabündnis

Climate Change is a growing issue. The Climate Alliance Austria / Tyrol is an organisation which wants to protect the climate and therefore initiates various projects and initiatives to help municipalities, organisations and companies to manage climate issues.

One initiative is called "Betriebe im Klimabündnis" (companies in Climate Alliance). The project wants to support companies with implementing a sustainable way of doing business. To do so, Climate Alliance Tyrol performs so called "climate checks" in participating companies. These checks are evaluated and afterwards Climate Alliance suggests measures and strategies to become a more sustainable company.

The project is a cooperation project of all LEADER regions in Tyrol. Companies located in these regions can take part in this project. 

Klimabündnis Tirol
Müllerstraße 7
Klimabündnis Tirol
01/2020 - 12/2020
94.996,20 €
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