Zukunftsfitte Landschaftselemente - Vielfalt fördern II

Climate change is an important topic especially for alpine forests. Rising temperatures and little or no rain pose a high risk for our current forests. The project "Zukunftsfitte Landschaftselemente - Vielfalt fördern I" tries to tackle this problem with various silvicultural measures. First, new plants (trees, bushes, etc.) which can adopt to the new climate and are used to warmer and drier conditions will be planted. Second, the problem of non-native plants will be adressed. To inform the public, information boards will be installed. 

The project "Zukunftsfitte Landschaftselemente - Vielfalt fördern I" will be realised in the following communities:  Mötz, Haiming, Oetz, Rietz, Silz, Jerzens and Wenns

Waldpflegeverein Tirol
Bürgerstraße 36
Waldpflegeverein Tirol
05/2019 - 05/2022
ca. 99.000,00 €
climate change , natural and ecosystem