NP Ötztal Lebensraum Windachtal Umsetzung

The project concerned is part of a bigger project, which is related with the construction of an information platform, called "Lebensraum Windachtal" (Habitat Windachtal). The Windachtal is a side valley of the famous Ötztal valley. In comparison to the very populated and highly touristic shaped Ötztal, the Windachtal is almost untouched, therefore it is an important natural heritage and provides an important habitat for animals. The information platform aims to portray the natural treasures of this valley and wants to raise awareness for this natural jewellery. 

The project "NP Ötztal Lebensraum Windachtal Umsetzung" is concerned with the realisation of this information platform. In a forerunning project the drafts and plans were realised.

Verein Naturpark Ötztal
Naturpark Haus Oberlängenfeld 142
+43 664 1210350
Verein Naturpark Ötztal
01/2019 - 09/2019
ca. 44.000,00 €
natural and ecosystem , tourism