Fields of activity

The Regionalmanagement Bezirk Imst is concerned with a range of tasks:

  • Realisation of the local devolopment policy 2014-2020
    • Initiation of own projects (Regionalmanagement Bezirk Imst acts as Lead Partner)
    • Backing and support for Lead Partners
    • Project consultation and project management
    • Organisation of working groups
    • Realisation of information events 
  • Backing, supporting and initiating of Interreg-Projects
  • Implementation of the project Marjam
  • Implementation of the project Freiwlligenzentrum Bezirk Imst
  • Contentual backing of the project Klima- und Energiemodellregion Imst
  • Office for the RWP Pitztal (starting 2018)
  • Service provider for municipalities, planning associations and official departments 
  • Service provider for the social partners of the region
  • Public relations



GR Brigitte Flür

Bgm. Ingobert Mayr

Mag. Günter Riezler (representative of the AK)

Beate Plattner (private person)

Bgm. Rudolf Köll (represantative municipality)

DI Dr. Robert Reindl (private person )

GR Michael Amprosi (representative municipality)

VBgm. Daniela Holaus (representative municipality)

Bgm. Karl Raich (representative PV Pitztal)

AMS (represented by Gunda Amprosi)

WK (represented by Hannes Pircher)

LWK (represented by Dr. Otmar Juen uGM)

Ing. Christina Röck (private person)

Florentine Prantl (private person)

Trude Melmer (private person)

Fati Bidav (private person)

Brigitte Flür

Bgm. Ingobert Mayr

PV Ötztal (represented by Bgm. Mag. Ralf Schonger)

PV Pitztal (represented by Bgm. Siegfried Neururer)

PV Imst und Umgebung (represented by Bgm. Rudolf Köll)

Robert Reindl (privatperson)

AMS (represented by Erwin Klinger)

AK (represented by Mag. Günter Riezler)

WK (represented by Ing. Josef Huber)

LWK (represented by Dr. Otmar Juen)

Christina Röck (privat person)

Florentine Prantl (privat person)

Trude Melmer (privat person)

Beate Plattner (privat person)

Fati Bidav (privat person)

PV Inntal- Mieminger Plateau (represented by Bgm. Bernhard Krabacher)




The LEADER-CLLD project decision committee corresponds to the board of the association.



Other members of the association:

Gemeinde Imsterberg

Gemeinde Roppen

Gemeinde St. Leonhard im Pitztal

Gemeinde Karres

Gemeinde Karrösten

Gemeinde Imst

Gemeinde Wenns

Gemeinde Arzl im Pitztal 

Gemeinde Jerzens

Gemeinde Mils bei Imst

Gemeinde Rietz

Gemeinde Silz

Gemeinde Stams

Gemeinde Tarrenz

Gemeinde Nassereith

Gemeinde Obsteig

Gemeinde Haiming

Gemeinde Mieming

Gemeinde Mötz

Gemeinde Längenfeld

Gemeinde Oetz

Gemeinde Sautens

Gemeinde Sölden 

Gemeinde Umhausen

Naturpark Ötztal (represented by Mag. Thomas Schmarda)

Naturpark Kaunergrat (represented by Dr. Ernst Partl)

Ötztal Tourismus (represented by Mag. Oliver Schwarz)

Tourismusverband Pitztal (represented by Mag. Gerhard Gstettner)

Imst Tourismus (represented by Bernhard Rauscher, MBA)

TVB Innsbruck und seine Feriendörfer (represented by Dr. Karl Gostner)






Vice chairman


Vice treasurer


Vice reporter