Kinder- und Jugenderlebnis Goasberg in Kirchberg

The project content takes place on Goasberg, Kirchberg’s local mountain, which is also to be given additional security through this project. The start can be made on foot or by the mountain railway, so grandparents can also witness the experience. The Goasberg can be hiked even in bad weather and thus offers an excellent all-weather offer for families, especially for children and young people. The stations are playfully developed on the topics of nature, agriculture, alpine farming, forest, forestry & hunting, flora, fauna, consideration and respectful treatment of all interests, etc. Therefore, this project creates important awareness raising for children and adults for the future. An attraction of this existing hiking trail also creates the steering effect that the extremely important game rest zone between Kirchberg and Brixen is preserved as a habitat for wild animals.

Regionalmanagement Kitzbühler Alpen
Meierhofgasse 9
Tourismusverband Kitzbüheler Alpen - Brixental
10/2019 – 06/2022
258.516 €